How to Choose the Perfect Grill

Grilling season is here! For those ready to enjoy fun in the sun, it often means it’s time to take a look at the current BBQ grills on the market.

For those who’re looking to get into the grill game, you may be a bit perplexed as to which option you should opt for. Need not to worry! This piece will speak about things to keep in mind when selecting the best grill.

Here are 5 potential options to fill your grilling needs:

Pellet Grills

Pellet grills as of late have taken the recreational griller to the next level. Manufacturers like Treager and Weber are turning what was once a time consuming hands on experience, into a set it and forget it type of cooking with smart features. Think of a crockpot, but for BBQ’s.

Fuel comes in the form of wood pellets, with many different brands providing a vast amout of flavors and types. Guides provide estimates on the quantity of pellets required for different meals.

Smart features are being addedly yearly, so make sure you research the current models as well as older models to find your exact match.

Personal Grills

Personal/Portable grills are quite effective when traveling on a trip, tailgating, or wanting to grill on the beach (where permitted). Normally, these grills utilize small propane tanks that can be easily transported with the grill.

Duly, supermarkets generally carry disposable grills for one-time usage. These more often than not use charcoal to create a makeshift mechanism for one’s food.

Outdoor Electric

An electric outdoor grill is effective in a number of ways. For one, the user doesn’t have to worry about purchasing charcoal — nor cleaning it up. An electric grill also sidesteps the requirement to constantly fill up a propane tank.

Prospective users are only asked to plug the grill into an outlet (how easy is that?). These grills vary in size. Some are built into expensive slabs of material — while others are smaller in nature. The smaller ones normally are utilized on both patios and balconies. Electric grills can be as low as $30 in some cases. For more expensive options, potential buyers must be willing to pony up hundreds of dollars.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are often a favorite for veterans in the world of barbecuing. Added layers of smokiness and flavor are added to the meat and vegetables prepared on this type of grill. From a cost standpoint, charcoal grills can be considerably cheaper than an expensive gas or electric option.

Simply put, the organic process is buoyed by coals and a match/some sort of fire igniter. For a first-time griller, this may be one of the better options available.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are our last and final option. In order to cook with a gas grill, the user must procure a propane tank. These tanks can range in size — meaning that one won’t necessarily have to have a big, cumbersome tank. Smaller ones do exist depending on the space in which the grill will be stationed.

One benefit of the gas grill is the lack of maintenance associated with it. Clean up time is rather non-existent when compared to a charcoal grill.